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«One of the best, and purest jazz singers ever. Besides a voice with the clarity of a mountain stream, accuracy of pitch and time that is a wonder to hear, perfect diction and sensitivity to lyrics, she has a disciplined improvisational gift that makes her scat-sung lines music ……» Downbeat October 20th: Judy presented these fresh arrangements of songs from Miles’ most important periods to an enthusiastic audience at the A-Trane last Summer. This stellar Berlin-based group will explore the repertoire of the coolest of jazzmen: the great trumpeter, Miles Davis. With tunes including «All Blues», «Funny Valentine» and «Time After Time» they’ll feature a fluid interaction of vocal and instrumental lines over swinging, modern grooves.
October 21th: Judy loves the sound of voice with acoustic bass, and has recorded duos with bassists Eddie Gomez, Ray Drummond, and Rufus Reid, among others. Now she will have an abundance of riches, singing with two masterful bassists at the same time. Marc Muellbauer is a force on the Berlin scene, and Doug Weiss has recently relocated from NYC. Beautiful
tones on basses with arco, pizzicato, singing, tapping, snapping… with these three musicians, anything is possible. They’ve developed a repertoire ranging from «The In Crowd» to «Message in a Bottle». October 22th: This evening Judy will celebrate the music of the great Duke Ellington. Ellington had an elegant style, a rich harmonic palette and an amazing gift for melody. Judy will be joined by bassist Greg Cohen, a regular member of Woody Al￾len and his New Orleans Jazz Band and has played with Tom Waits, David Byrne, Elvis Costello,among others, and young Berlin pianist Johannes Von Ballestrem, a favorite of both Greg and Judy, who always brings the right approach, and his brilliant musicianship to the music of Duke Ellington.



22. a-train at the a-trane: judy niemack (voc)
greg cohen (b)
johannes von ballestrem (p)


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