06.112017 21:00
Andreas Schmidt & friends

Einlass: 20.00 Uhr
Beginn: 21.00 Uhr
Konzertende: 21.45 Uhr
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It´s me, the Monday A-Trane pianist Andreas Schmidt. Since 1995 I played here about 700 wonderful & surprising jazzy improvised happenings with lots of friends like Walter Norris, Mark Murphy, Till Brönner, Sebastian Merk, Connie Crothers, Andy Fite etc.. Beside regular during-the-week concerts with Lee Konitz, Judy Niemack, Céline Rudolph, David Friedman, Christian Kögel, Barbara Buchholz, Katja Riemann, Lisa Bassenge, John Schröder, Jeanfrançois Prins, & many more. I did about 30 CD´s (with Thomas Heberer, Peter Weniger, Ute Lemper + many of the people i already mentioned). I would love 2 c many of yours here @ that great club, supporting the owner Sedal Sardan, the Berlin scene, the ever-tuned Steinway B & me with my vision of getting 2gether with musicians - in communication on stage. Tell friends, post it & come whenever possible!
photo: mehmet dedeoglu