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Dear audience, dear friends,

we are happy to be able to present concerts in the A-Trane jazz club again.

The times as follows:
First of all, tickets with seats will be sold for this concert and this will be announced accordingly
Admission: 7.15 p.m.
Start: 8.15 p.m.
Sets: 2
Break: 15 minutes

Will be activated if the main concert is sold out and we have enough interest in the number of visitors for the extra concert. We will get in touch and let you know
Admission: 5 p.m.
Start: 5.30 p.m.
End: 6.45 pm
Sets: 1
Pause: None

All of our shows start on time because they are all broadcast live.

The concert tickets combined with seats are also available for sale online on our website. This service is for everyone who secures their seats by purchasing the tickets. Unfortunately, the tickets purchased are non-refundable, cannot be credited, but are transferable. We confirm the receipt of your purchases in addition to the confirmation by PayPal in the A-Trane.

Alternatively, you also have the option of reserving your tickets with the seats without any obligation to purchase. This service is for everyone who does not have PayPal and / or does not want to use PayPal for whatever reasons and also for everyone who does not have an online transfer option. These seats are just as safe when confirmed. But you will certainly understand if we prefer the tickets that have already been purchased and that will also arrive on the same day of your reservation. We’ll definitely get in touch and let you know what happened to your reservation.

Almost all concerts are also streamed live. For all those who cannot come in or are not in town or have no time at all, there is the opportunity to experience the concerts through our usual good live pictures and live sound. These streamings are also available for purchase on our website and are valid for 24 hours from purchase and cannot be transferred / passed on. These are only issued to the buyer with the IP address.
The only exception will be the Andreas Schmidt Mondays, of which only the first set is usually broadcast live and the live streaming is offered spontaneously. This concert and streaming will be free of charge. For all Andreas Schmidt & Friends table reservations for the live experience in the A-Trane, please use the reservation form specially created for this purpose without purchase.

There is also the new service from A-Trane to watch all concerts as an online stream: A-TRANE VIDEO PORTAL Monthly membership: With this membership you have access to all upcoming and past concerts that we have broadcast live during the time of your membership.

We look forward to you! Let’s start the live concerts together at A-Trane, with which we will hopefully keep the music / art / culture alive for a very long time. Let us also jointly comply with the regulations for hygiene in the club with our hygiene concept adapted for the club. Thanks!

A-Trane & Team