Dear Guests,

I try to describe the situation with the Corona-Virus, which is not easy to put in words and in the meantime to inform you, how we proceed with the concerts at the A-Trane.
A lot of concerts got cancelled, which we totally understand, because the health of the musicians have priority.
A lot of reservations got cancelled too, which we also totally understand, because the health of our dear guests have priority.
Out of this reason, we decided to think about, if and how we can move on.
Our opinion is, that the virus can infect everybody everywhere, even if the clubs are closed, crowds of people are existent almost in all necessary places like:
Public transports, flights, trains, supermarkets etc. So why give up life totally, if you can get infected everywhere?
Now the time came to think about, how we can set up a situation, which saves everybody’s health and live, without trying to be an hero and without endangering everybody’s health.
Because of the danger of an infection with Corona, I spent a lot of thoughts and talked a lot with my staff, how we can try to avoid a contamination.
I think with our health-saving-measures we can make it work:

Due to the uncertain progress, the uncertain duration and the uncertainty of contamination, Jazz Club A-Trane doesn’t cancel the shows.
This doesn’t mean, that we support the contamination of this virus. From our point of view we want to take action, and present a few safety measures from our side.

– We won’t sell out the club
– We only assign seats. We do not assign standing room.
– No hugs
– No hand shakes
– No cheek kisses
– Disinfectant sprays are set up and distributed all over the club.
In doing so, we actually want to ensure that life and the enjoyment of live music is continued as far as possible without endangering anyone and being involved in the expansion of the virus. Saving the concerts may play a major role in order to escape complete isolation.
All guests, who have a cough or an irritation of the throat and who sneeze or have sneezing attacks, should avoid to visit the A-Trane in respect of all the others around them.
– cough / irritation of throat
– sneezing / sneezing attacks

We have a request for you to mention:
The A-Trane with its stuff and the musician hope for your cooperation, if our preventive measures seem safe to you.
With solidarity and togetherness and with secure health circumstances, we can continue the live concerts. This would ensure, that the club, the touring musicians and the working staff, have no major financial losses and that you can continue to enjoy the live music here at the A-Trane.

There are actually many guests, who are certainly willing to continue to actively support the concerts without, of course, wanting to expose themselves to any danger.
The public health department can and must close the club, if there was a Corona-case at the A-Trane!
In case the public health department decides to close all the clubs in town, you will find all the information on our website.

Please check out our website, to get the latest information about the concerts. ALL concerts that have not been canceled by 3 p.m. on the day of the concert will take place.

Now you know our attitude, our measures and also our requests.
Now it’s your turn to decide how to deal with it and how to proceed.
We hope that you, like us, will enjoy the concerts and of course we continue to hope for your cooperation with the necessary understanding of the situation, subject to your health in this very difficult, unpredictable situation!

The A-Trane team wishes you all the best with a lot of patience and perseverance!
Stay healthy!